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Why Is The Horizontal Optical Fiber Splice Closure Called Harvard Cable Connector Box?

- Apr 11, 2018 -

   The Haval structure refers to the split structure, which is usually divided into two halves. When the Harvard structure is demoulded, two half-section mold cavities are opened. At this time, the injection molded parts are generally wrapped on the punch mold because of shrinkage. Next, the top plate (rod) pushes out the plastic parts to complete the demoulding action. As for distinguishing the mold from the board structure, it mainly depends on whether the main channel (casting system) has a parting surface, that is, there are two parting surfaces, and it is a three-plate structure.

   Horizontal cable connector box is generally divided on both sides, and in the injection mold it  is called Hare structure, so it is called Harvard cable connector box.


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