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What Is Pole Optical Fiber Box

- Feb 27, 2018 -

  Pole optical fiber box is a new product developed for using different requirements of first-class or second-class spectroscopy in FTTH construction. The product is used to connect optical fiber cables through optical splitters and butterfly-type drop cables to meet the demand for high-rate bandwidth services for users and it is an important optical access point device in the ODN network.

Pole Optical Fiber Box Features

※Applicable to a variety of use scenarios: indoor, outdoor, wall, pole, old and new real estate.

※ Molded cabinet, installation of backplane design, beautiful appearance, easy to install, and facilitate large-scale construction.

※ Splitter module port tilt 15 ° design, and with the smooth walking route.

※ Modular combination of series of pieces of wood with easy expansion and investment savings.

* Skins optical cable with a special slot design and with live joints into the box, is fixed and reliable, and easy and efficient layout.

※ Factory skin pigtail is to achieve high-quality low-cost rapid deployment.


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