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What is a Split Fiber Box

- May 09, 2018 -

  In order to satisfy the needs of the market, the split fiber (split light) box is designed to be divided into direct-melt type, adapter-type optical fiber splitters and cassette-type, insert-type optical fiber splitters. Box materials are made of high quality cold-rolled steel, stainless steel or composite materials. It is mainly used for corridors or outdoor spotlights in FTTH access mode. It is suitable for primary or secondary spectroscopy of FTTH, and the secondary spectroscopic advantage is particularly obvious. And the bypass fiber connection function has been showed in the fiber optical box.

  The direct-melting type is small in size and configuration. It is especially suitable for the first-order split light mode and placed in corridors, weak electric wells and other occasions.

  In addition to the distribution line function, the adapter type fiber distribution box also reserves the splitting function and it can flexibly configure a variety of different types of box optical splitters.

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