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Wall-Mounted Fiber Splice Box

- Oct 23, 2018 -

We are one of the best quality fiber optic solution products manufactory in China, we have ability to provide the product with the superior quality, reasonable and competitive price.

User integrated information box

1. Application fields:
FTTH, Home LV integratd accessing

2. Applicable device: Compatible with ONU fixed installation of Zhongxing, Huawei, fiberhome and so on, meet the China telecom relevant standard

1. Directly design for FTTH application, splicing and distribution requirement for block and society usage
2. Module box for mini PLC splitter
3. Apply with all range of connector
4. Large capacity for 16 port of PLC module (8 ports x 4)
5.12-24 ports splice tray (12 ports x 1)
6. Additional adapter panel for multifunction application requirement
7. Seal tape between cover and base to ensure IP level at least IP55

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