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The Specifications of FTTH Terminal Box with Mini Sc Waterproof Connector

- Aug 29, 2018 -

Used for protecting the splice of drop cable to drop cable or drop cable to pigtail in FTTH.

(1).Insertion loss:SC/LC≤0.3dB ,MPT/MPO≤0.5dB,Return loss:≥50dB.
(2).Tensile strength:> 50 N
(3).Job stress: 70 kpa to 106 kpa;
(4).Using the temperature:- 40 ~ + 75 oC
(5).Relative humidity: ≤85% (+ 30 oC).
(6). Protection grade: IP66
(7).Internal inventory redundant optical fiber, convenient in operation and maintenance.
(8).Optical fiber can be welding or cold, the applicable scope is wide,especially suitable for the use of multi-storey and high-rise tenants,easy to install, easy to install.
(9)Material: ABS new resistance fuel, quality assurance, the flame retardant performance accord with standard of communication industry, flame retardant grade UL94V - level 0
(10).Suitable adapter : MIni-SC, H connector-SC, ODVA-LC,ODVA-MPO,ODVA-MPT.
(11).Structure: open type
(12).Color: grey (color can be customized)
(13).Sealing way: TPE seals
(14).Installation method: overhead, hanging.


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