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The Introduction about 12 Cores ST SC Fiber Optic Patch Panel Box

- Oct 10, 2018 -

Sanye's 12 core distribution box terminates outside optical cables with up to 12 fibers; it allocates 12 adapters for connecting with max 12 drop cable pigtails, it is also suitable for using with mini splitters. The box works under both indoor and outdoor environments. It is a perfect cost-effective solution-provider in the FTTH networks.

Keyed Characteristics

√ ABS material used ensures the body strong and light;
√ Protection Level: IP55;
√ Water-proof design for outdoor uses, lock provided for extra security;
√ Easy installations: Ready for wall mount - installation kit provided;
√ Adjustable adapter slotused - to suit different size pigtails;
√ Space saving! Double-layer design for easier installation and maintenance;
√ Lower layer for splicing, also suitable for mini splitters;
√ Upper layer for adapters, connectors and fiber distribution;
√ Cable fixing units provided for fixing the outdoor optical cable;
√ Both cable glands and tie-wraps accessible;
√ Pre-connectorized cables supported (pre-connected with fast-connectors);
√ Bend radius protected and cable routing paths provided.


√ Intra-building backbone and horizontal fiber interconnections;
√ Inter-building OSP entrance terminations;
√ Data Center and WAN main cross-connect terminations;
√ Quick deployment remote data links;
√ Fiber to the Subscriber (FTTX);
√ Low reflection angle polish single-mode applications.


√ Peel the cable, take off the outer and inner housing, as well as loose contract tube, and wash off the filling grease, leaving 1.1-1.6m fiber and 20-4 steel core;
Fix the cable -pressing card and the cable, as well as the cable reinforce steel core;
√ Lead the fiber into the melting and connecting tray, fix heat contact tube and melted tube to one of the connecting fiber. After melting and connecting the fiber, move heat contract tube and melted tube and fix the stainless (or quartz) reinforce core stick, make sure the connecting point is the middle of the housing pipe. Heat the pipe to make the two into one. Put the protected join into the fiber- laying tray;
√ Lay the left fiber in the melting and connecting tray evenly, and fix the winding fiber with nylon ties. Use the trays from the bottom up.
√ After all the fiber has been connected, cover the top layer and fix it;
√ Position it and use the earth wire in accordance with the project plan;
√ Close the cover, it can be installed on the wall or horizontal line.

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