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The Type And Application Of The Optical Cable Connection Box

- Jan 26, 2018 -

To protect the fiber splices from external physical damage, the spliced optical fibers are usually placed in an orderly manner in the splice tray, and then the splice tray is placed in the cable splice closure to provide adequate protection.Now there are many different styles and different sizes of fiber cable connection box on the market, and its suitable application is also different.

Vertical-type fiber optic cable box VS horizontal cable connector box

According to the shape of the structure, it can be divided into vertical-type optical cable connection box and horizontal optical cable connection box two.Vertical-type fiber optic cable connection box is a cylindrical structure, which can be used for overhead, buried, pipe laying, and more for pole. Horizontal optical cable connector box is a flat column structure, commonly used in overhead and buried.

According to sealing ways,it can be devided into two types: heat-shrink  and mechanical.

Heat Shrink Seal of the cable splice box refers to the  use of heat shrinkable tube to achieve sealing the box between the optical cable and the optical cable between the box 

The main advantages: good sealing performance.

he main drawback: repeated inconvenient to open.

Mechanical seal fiber optic cable connection box is through the compression of the optical cable within the box and the box outside the optical cable between the seal ring to achieve sealing.

The main advantages: easy to seal, you can repeatedly open.

The main drawback: the sealing performance slightly lower than the heat shrink sealed.

As the seal ring can be replaced at any time, the use of mechanical seal fiber optic cable connection box and maintenance more flexible

Application of fiber optic cable connection box

Whether it is a mechanical seal cable splice box or heat shrink sealed cable splice box, it should be fully sealed in use, and the extra cable should be carefully placed and stored.In practical application, the optical cable splice box can be used for burying, overhead, plumbing, wall hanging, and pole embracing. In addition, ribbon cables and a variety of round cables can be used in the cable splice box.

It should be noted that a variety of cable connector box can accommodate the number of cables is limited, we should strictly comply with its specifications.

Fiber optic cable splice boxes can be widely used in optical fiber cable laying applications in communications, network systems, CATV cable television, optical fiber cable network systems, playing a good role in the protection of optical fiber lines.

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