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The Problems Existing In The Cable Splice Closure In Market

- Apr 20, 2018 -

Now there are the following problems existing in cable splice closure on the market:
  1, Reduce material and lessen the shell to reduce costs. The standard stipulates that "the length of the remaining optical fiber of the optical cable connector box should be not less than 1.6m and the bending radius of the remaining optical fiber tray should not be less than 37.5mm", and requires the operator to have sufficient operating space. It is required that the interior of the joint box should not be too small, but some boxes are small, and it is difficult to meet the standard requirements for large capacity; in addition, some shells are not small, but the thickness is thin, and the ability to withstand the "squashing" is worse, it cannot be used in direct burials.
  2. Reduce the additional components that should be configured. Some of the test functions cannot be operated. Some joint boxes are not equipped with a ground lead-out device at all (to ensure good grounding, this part is made of copper material) so that the joint box does not have a grounding function and cannot guarantee the safety of the ring network; some joint boxes do not have an inflatable gas nozzle ( Made of stainless steel, the seal performance test cannot be performed, and of course, the sealing performance is not good or bad. There is currently a combination of grounding and inflating, all of which are intended to reduce costs by reducing configuration.
  3, Using other engineering plastics insteadto reduce costs. As mentioned above, polycarbonate and alloy PP are relatively expensive engineering plastics, and some manufacturers replace them with low-priced materials, which reduces the single cost of the joint box. However, this will cause more unqualified performance. For example, poor material flowability will result in injection molding defects, cracking under certain conditions, excessive addition of auxiliary materials will accelerate aging, and so on, which will have a greater negative impact on the entire project.

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