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The Importance Of Selecting The Insulation Material Of Optical Cable Splice Box

- Apr 02, 2018 -

   Fiber optic cable splice box is an important part of the fiber optic cable communication line. The main function is to complete the continuation of the optical fiber cable, and to ensure the grounding function of the cable connector box at the same time.  Its internal grounding installation and the grounding of the optical cable shouldn't be through the electrical communication, and ensure that the metal components of the cable splice box and the ground installation, cable reinforced core insulate from each other to prevent cable splice  from closuresadverse effects from the environment.
   Since the operating environment of the cable splice enclosures is fundamentally outdoor, their application environment may be buried, overhead or pipelined. Therefore, higher requests are made for the design of the fixing and grounding installation of the optical cable splice box and the use of insulation materials.
   The length of service life of the optical fiber cable splice box is directly depent on the quality of the insulation material, and the reasonable and reliable insulation data is the basic guarantee for high voltage DC breakdown. Therefore, the structure and the appearance of the optical cable joint box has a greater impact on voltage strength performance . In order to improve the withstand voltage performance of the cable splice box, it is necessary to use better insulation materials to increase the brightness of the appearance and reduce the curvature between the insulator, between the pole and pole, and between the pole and the ground. With all other parameters being the same, this condition can be increased the length by at least 100%.

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