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The Function Of Fiber Cable Splice Closure

- Jul 09, 2018 -

  The cable splice closure plays a vital role in the protection of the fiber optic cable connection and the communication transmission quality of the cable line.From the current application situation, most of the faults in the communication line (except for the obvious failure of the cable, such as man-made construction damage or natural disasters) are not existing on the cable but occur in the cable splice closure.If the sealing performance is poor, the cable splice closure is filled with water so that the optical loss is increased or even broken.Because of the big loss or poor strength, the fiber connection is inefficient.The overhead cable is affected by the external environment. For example, in the winter cable connector box shrinks and in the summer cable connector box expands, resulting in frequent failure of the cable connector box during the season change.In addition, the joint box is also affected by lightning, wind, mudslides, floods, earthquakes and other external forces.

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