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The Attention Points About Maintaining The Fiber Optical Splice Closure

- Jan 31, 2018 -

  If we want to prevent the fiber optical splice closure into the water and lengthen time of exposure or aging , we can only do a good job of maintenance to effectively reduce the incidence of failure.

Due to the weather, waterproof performance of the fiber optical splice closure is poor and because of the fiber optical splice closure’s short circuit, it can easily cause a large blackout.After each rainy day, there is always a failure of the fiber optical splice closure to burn, which increases the workload of repairing. Due to the small space within the cable connector box, fiber optical splice closure is easy to pour water,  2 power cable with 35mm into the plastic expansion tube is fixed, and there is no room for waterproof bending, and even the rainwater flow cable live terminals on the terminal clearance due to small insulation measures are not in place, which is easy to short circuit after water. And coupled with the design defects of the fiber optical splice closure , it is surrounded by cooling holes and wiring holes, which has become a water hole in the rainy day.

Fiber optical splice closure being used on the low-voltage should be checked and maintained on schedule, promptly re-crimp the wire inside the box, and the insulation strength reprocessing has been damaged or insufficient degree of insulation, serious aging of the wires replaced in a timely manner, if necessary, add box to prevent excessive wiring.

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