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New Product Introduction

- Dec 12, 2017 -

Recently, Cixi San Ye Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. introduced a new cable connector box ---- 16-core cable connector box. The appearance of the product structure and the original several slightly different, the function is not much difference.

16-core cable connector box with ABS material, easy installation, but also to meet customer requirements for small size connector box products. Cixi San Ye Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. for product development has a strict test method. Before launching a new product, the company's technicians do a series of tests on the splice boxes and splice boxes:

a. Fitting the cable splice case.

b.b. Visual inspection and touch methods of team products in well-lit place Check cable connector box appearance quality.

c.c. After the cable splice box cover is closed, hold the top of the front side with your hand while pressing the lower right hand side, where warping and lifting should not occur.

The regular production process and rigorous testing methods have ensured the quality of a series of products such as optical fiber cable splice boxes and also helped us to win the trust of our customers.

16-core cable connector box.png

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