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Installation Method Of Optical Fiber Box

- May 10, 2018 -

In the communications industry, fiber optic box is a very common type of fiber optic equipment, and there are more and more users use this product in the process of popularizing the light. The most widely used fiber optic cable distribution box is the device in the room, which has a good function of finishing the line. The use of fiber optic cable box not only increases the appearance of the line, but also makes the use and maintenance of the line more convenient. Let's take a look at the installation method of the optical fiber distribution box.

Optical fiber distribution box installation method:

1. Introduce the optical cable through the “waterproof joint” into the box and open the strip. The stripping length is about 1.5 meters and is fixed on the “Fiber cable fixing device”. The reinforcing core in the optical cable is reserved for 100mm and fixed on the "grounding platen" on the “Fiber cable fixing device. ".

2. The stripped fiber optic cable is introduced into the “splicing fiber tray” through the fiber optic maintenance sleeve, and the long free disk exists in the box and is fixed with electrical tape.

3. The optical fiber covered with the optical fiber maintenance sleeve is fused with the single-head fiber pigtail in the welding disk.

4. Insert the single-head pigtail that is welded to the backbone fiber optic cable that needs to be split into the front input end adapter of the faceplate of the 1:16 “optical taping” box. The redundant length is coiled around the underside of the “flipper” and the wire is tied. fixed.

5. Insert one end of the self-supporting butterfly-shaped fiber optic cable through the “pickup cable fixing device” and insert the “quick connector” into the front output adapter on the face plate of the 1:16 “optical taping” box and make a record on the logo paper. Redundant lengths are coiled around the front of the "flipper" and secured by wire tie.

6. Manage all kinds of optical cables in the box through the wire loop so that the cable runs smoothly and beautifully.

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