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Fiber Terminal Box for Indoor Optical Distribution with Sc Ports

- Nov 09, 2018 -

Product Introduction:

Fiberall wall mounted fiber terminal boxes are design for indoor use, they are with very compact size and small capacity. They are used for terminal end of fiber road. The box can be made with stainless steel or cold rolled metal sheet. Changeable adapter panel is available for options and it is convenient to install or replace when you need to use different adapter.
1, Adapters output: 6 ports, 8ports, 12ports, 24 Fibers
2, Suitable for different adapter (SC simplex, LC duplex, , ST simplex, FC simplex) or fan-out pigtail directly.
3, Open way: open from top cover
4, Accessories: Can be full loaded with with adapter, pigtail and accessories like fiber tray, fiber winding wheel, protection sleeve, nylon tie, and snake like tube.
5, plastic adapter panel or metal adapter panel for options
6, Cable input is with rubber dust cover.
7, The cable entries are big enough for most of cable with different diameters.
Performance Features:
1, Different capacity for options
2, Reliable fiber lead and perfect fix up design
3, Reasonable pigtail fixes up and perfect protection
4, Mini design and compact size
5,The shell is high intensified & insulated material, thus having excellent mechanical performance
6,Well processed surface minimize scratches
7, The incision parts are well processed and avoid burr and sharp edge.
8, Strict packing to avoid transportation damage


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