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Fiber Optic Termination Box

- Feb 16, 2019 -

Product Description

Optical fiber terminal box can be applied in the straight through or branch connection of indoor optical fiber cable, available for the distribution and terminal connection of various kinds of optical fiber system. Fit for wall mounting.

1. DESCRIPTION OF Wall Mounting or Desk top Optical Fiber Termination Box
* Optical Fiber Termination Box, KWMSB-A  is mainly used for jointing fiber and pigtail.
* It protects fiber splices and helps to distribute.
* The box can be installed SC type adaptors.
* Also can be connected the light conversion equipment by a patchcord.
* It is a wall mounting type or desktop type, which is used in telecommunication room.


2. FEATURES OF Wall Mounting or Desk top Optical Fiber Termination Box
* Can be installed SC type adaptors.
* Earthing deriving device.
* Ample fiber storage space.
* Single-ended inlet/outletport.
* With cable fixing device,fiber splice tray.
* Splice tray with overturn structural, the open angle >90°, fiber storage diameter>30mm.
* High quality steel platewith powder coating, high mechanical strength.

* Insulating resistance:≥2×104MΩ/500V(DC)
* Voltage resistance strength: no breakdown or arc over between the metallic components, * betweenmetallic components and the ground at DC 15KV for 1 minutes.
* The fiber curved radius :>30mm.
* Air pressure: 70KPa~106kPa.
* Service life: 20 years.

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