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Fiber Optic Box's Body Construction And Maintenance

- May 21, 2018 -

Box body construction and maintenance

 There are obvious functional areas in the interior of the box which can be generally divided into the incoming/outgoing area, the welding area, the fiber storage area, the terminal area, the parking area, and the optical splitter location area.

(1) Entry/exit area: The cable that enters and exits the box is fixed and grounded. Supports the splicing process, using the upper and lower holes (indoor type) or oval holes (outdoor type).

(2) Fibres area: Install the welding disc to protect the rayon fiber and the connector. The butterfly-shaped introduction fiber cable and the pigtail fiber can be fused.

(3) Fiber Area: Butterfly-type optical fiber cable is long inventory inventory.

(4) Into the end zone: adapter position, butterfly-shaped fiber optic cable and optical splitter pigtail or fiber patch docking.

(5) Parking zone: A fixed fiber cable or butterfly cable insertion position that is not used for the time being.

(6) Optical splitter installation area: The position of the optical splitter to be installed is reserved.

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