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Cable Sub-fiber Box Wiring Methods And Features

- Dec 19, 2017 -

Optical fiber sub-fiber box is used for outdoor, corridor or indoor connection trunk cable and wiring cable interface device. So cable sub-fiber box how to connect it? And what are its characteristics, today we come to understand, to facilitate our further understanding of the product.

Cable sub-fiber box wiring method:

a. For the convenience of welding, the box can be removed, or the welding plate can be removed separately.

b. The splitter module rotating box out of the box upwards, and remove the cable threading slider, properly placed;

c. stripping cable, a length of about 1.5m, in the cable stripping Department winding a few laps of insulating tape, and then tighten the hose clamp;

d. Weld optical fiber cable, according to Figure 4 coiled, the operation is completed, the module rotating box into the hinge axis of rotation;

e. Spliced SC pigtail connector into the splitter input port, if parked temporarily in the "parking area";

f. Reinforcing the core of the optical fiber cable and grounding the cable from the cable entry point to ground;

g. Fix the cable threading slider and reinstall the cabinet on the back of the wall.

Cable sub-fiber box Features:

1. For a variety of use scenarios: indoor, outdoor, wall, hanging bar, old and new real estate.

2. Molded cabinet, the installation of backplane design, beautiful appearance compact, easy to install, facilitate large-scale construction.

3. Splitter module port tilt 15 ° design, take the route by the smooth.

4. Series of inserts can be stacked modular, easy expansion, investment savings.

5. Piped fiber optic cable with a special slot design, with live joints into the box, fixed and reliable, easy and efficient layout.

The above is the fiber optic cable distribution box wiring method and its characteristics, but this product is also used in FTTH access system terminal access link, especially for outdoor wall or hoop-type conditions. Through the adapter inside the wiring box, lead the optical signal with the optical fiber jumper wire, realize the optical wiring function.

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