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Cable Splice Closure Material Can Withstand Inspection

- Mar 23, 2018 -

Cable splice closure can be easily installed in the wall, corridor, indoor and other azimuth. First,it is used  primarily for the fixing FTTx optical cable terminal to meet the connection and storage of fiber optic cable and leather cable, and need based on the actual needs the terminal in the project which has different capacities about optical fiber cores. The material of the optical cable terminal box belongs to special materials, and can achieve international standards through various performance experiments. Let's take a look at it together!

1. Salt spray experiment: The salt spray test was conducted according to GB/2423.17, and the experiment time was 48 hours.
2, coating adhesion test: do according to GB/T 9286.16 rules.
3, optical experiments: According to YD/T 629.1 in the rules of experimental conditions, equipment and methods, use the monitoring method to detect the terminal box, and according to the provisions of the device before and after the change in the attenuation of the operation.
4. Tensile test: The terminal box is clamped with a jig, and the cable clamp is clamped with a tensile chuck. The tensile speed is 10 mm/min and the maximum tension is maintained for 1 min.
5. Flattening test: Using a flat plate with an area of 100 cm2, the central part of each side of the test terminal box is subjected to 200N pressure for 1 minute.
6. Torsion test: Twist test will clamp the terminal box firmly with a clamp, and use a rotating chuck to clamp the optical cable clamp at the cable outlet of 500 mm at the end of the terminal box. When the cable twisted, the axial tension of the cable is 100N. After the optical cable is changed to start the azimuth symbol, the optical fiber cable is changed according to the rules, firstly changing 90°, returning to the original position after staying in the position for 1 min, repeating the same operation in the opposite direction, ending a cycle and changing a total of 3 cycles. To facilitate the investigation during the experiment, please open the upper housing of the terminal box during the experiment.
7. Bend test: fix the optical cable terminal box on a lubricated, flat horizontal surface, and apply a tortuous force on the optical cable at the end of the interval terminal box 150mm length, and then deflect the optical cable by 45°, and then hold it for 1Min in the deflection direction, and then return. The original position, then the same operation in the opposite direction, adhere to 1min, end a tortuous cycle, a total of 3 cycles.

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