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Are There Many Types Of Fiber Optical Box

- Apr 12, 2018 -

   There are not many types of fiber box, and the most popular one is the fiber box, which is divided into 8 ports, 12 ports, 24 ports and 48 ports.

   The split fiber box is mainly used to solve the problem of insufficient fiber core in FTTB and FTTH. It is an optical splitter plus several sets of melt fiber trays, which are usually hung on the walls of a residential stairwell or in residential green belts.
    The integrated distribution box and the integrated distribution frame are placed in the machine room for connecting indoor and outdoor optical cables and fiber jumpers.
    The terminal box is a box for connecting optical cables and pigtails.
    The transfer box is used to jump out the main cable from the computer room and the user's distribution cable. 
    The order in which the optical cables are connected to these devices is: integrated wiring box - transfer box - sub-fiber box - terminal box.

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