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12/24/36/48/96 Cores ODF Fiber Optic Patch Panel Fiber Optic Distribution Box

- Nov 21, 2018 -

Product application:
It uses for the fixing, protection, and distribution of fiber optic cables. The fiber core is welded to the pigtail, the pigtail is connected to the fiber coupler, and the coupler is mounted on the fiber distribution frame port. It can also be installed in a cabinet together with the digital wiring unit and the audio wiring unit to form an integrated distribution frame.

Product Features:
1. It adopts metal structure and surface epoxy electrostatic spray treatment, which is beautiful in appearance, dustproof and anti-interference.
2. The snap-on adapter is installed at an angle of 45° to ensure that the radius of curvature of the patch cable meets the specified requirements.
3. Modular design, optical distribution frame integrates fiber fusion, storage and wiring, and each fusion module can be extracted separately to meet the off-shelf or in-frame operation.
4. Clear line sequence identification, clear management level and strong operability
5. Applicable to install a variety of adapters such as LC, FC, SC, ST, etc.
6. Fully modular design, full front operation, flexible installation, convenient construction and maintenance

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