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What is a Fiber Optic Panel

- Mar 01, 2018 -

  With high transmission efficiency, optical fiber panel’s interstage coupling loss is small, and the image is clear and true, optically with zero thickness and so on.The most typical application is that as a light image intensifier optical input and output windows, optical fiber panel  plays an important role to improve the quality of the imaging device. On the other hand, optical fiber panel is widely used in a variety of cathode ray tubes, camera tubes, CCD coupling and other instruments and devices that need to send images.


For home or work area (FTTD) fiber optic interface.

* Accessory Type: SC, ST with common type adapter.

* Use high-quality PC (flame-retardant polycarbonate) material, and has a certain fire performance.

* With a dust-proof device to prevent dust from entering.

* With an identification bar for easy number management and maintenance use.

The scope of application ................... 3.1 × 2.0mm leather cable or indoor optical cable

Fiber Diameter ................... 125μm (652 & 657)

Tight Cladding Diameter ................ 125μm & 900μm

Applicable Mode ............... Single mode & Multi mode

Tensile strength ...................> 50N

Operating temperature ...................- 40 ~ + 75 ℃

Adapter ...................... SC & FC

Insertion Loss ................... ≤0.2dB (1310nm & 1550nm)

Output port ..................... 2



(1) Structure composition

a) The fiber optic front panel consists of a front cover, a back box for optical fiber cable tray, fixed space and installation, field connector installation, adapter interface and optical fiber connector guard.

b) The fiber optic panel has the introduction of fiber optic fixtures and fiber optic connector head of the fixed, protective devices.

c) A device in a fiber optic panel with a fixed single-gang SC or dual-gang LC-type adapter.

d) The face cover, bottom box, etc. of the optical fiber panel are made of high quality ABS plastic material.

e) The fiber optic panel adapter outer sockets should have a dust-free device when there is no jumper insertion.

f) The optic fiber optic faceplate should be matched with the optic fiber connector, and there should be 60mm straight-line unobstructed space left in the middle of the adapter of the light adaptation device to the inside of the bottom box of the panel. At the same time the panel should have a reliable fixed function to ensure that the optical fiber connector is not loose.

(2) Appearance and size

a) The appearance of the optical fiber panel should be close to or basically the same with the appearance of strong electric panel and weak electric panel, and the color is white.

b) The size is 86, which size is 86mm × 86mm, and the clearance between two mounting screw holes should be 60mm when using 86 type.

c) The shape of the optical fiber panel is complete; the surface of each component is smooth and the color is uniform. Metal components, coating or coating adhesion firm, plastic parts without burrs, bubbles, cracks, holes, warpage, impurities and other defects.


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