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What is a Fast Connector / cold Connector

- Mar 19, 2018 -

  The fast connector/cold connector is a kind of innovative field termination connector. It contains factory pre-installed optical fiber, pre-polished ceramic ferrule and a mechanical connection mechanism. When it is terminated, it only needs to introduce optical fiber or indoor optical fiber into the mechanical connection mechanism without using other tools, and the termination process takes only about 2 minutes, which greatly saves the installation time.Currently, fiber optic quick connectors/cold connectors on the market can be terminated single-mode fibers and multi-mode fibers with diameters of 250 μm, 900 μm, 2.0 mm, and 3.0 mm.The fast connector/cold connector can be directly applied to corridors, home cables and other environments. Without extra protection, it can basically reach the original line strength to reduce the wiring requirements, which greatly improves the speed of FTTH fiber cabling and is an important guarantee to achieve full optical network.

Internal Structure of Fast / cold Connector

  As it is shown in the figure below, the ferrules and end faces inside the fast/cold connector are pre-polished and pre-polished at the factory. The mechanical connection is located at the end of the ferrule to hold the inserted fiber. From the following figure, we can see that the mechanical connection mechanism is mainly composed of V-grooves and clamping elements; when inserting the optical fiber, the V-shaped groove is opened with a wedge clip to facilitate the smooth insertion of the optical fiber; after the optical fiber is inserted into the V-shaped slot and fixed it, pull out the wedge clip from the V-groove.


Working Principles of Fast Connector / cold Connector

  Fast connectors/cold connectors can be divided into two types:pre-setting fibers and non-presetting fibers. The connection point of optical fiber quick connector/cold connector prefabricated is inside the connector, and presetting matching liquid; non-preset optical fiber quick connector/cold connection point is on the connector surface, with no preset matching liquid, which directly connects with the target fiber through the adapter. The working principle of non-prefabricated fiber quick connector/cold bonder is very simple and will not be repeated here.The principle of prefabricated fiber quick connector/cold bonder is described in detail. As shown in the figure below, the preset fiber is glued in the ferrule, and the connection point is set on the light guide material with the refractive index approximate to the core - matching liquid. In the V-groove, a seamless fit between the pre-set and target fibers is achieved.


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