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What is a 86 Fiber Optic Panel

- Mar 02, 2018 -

  86 fiber optic information panel is also known as fiber optic panel or information panel. The main function of the panel is to fix the module and protect the cable at the exit of the information, which plays the role of a similar screen.The information panel is not the main product component that affects performance for the wiring system, but it is one of only a few exposed surfaces throughout the wiring system.


1: Embedded surface frame, easy to install and disassemble;

2: with a protective door to be dust-proof;

3: with identification to facilitate identification;

4: Suitable for many kinds of module and multimedia interface;

5: The use of high-quality plastic ABS to have functions like crash, flame retardant, and impact resistance;

6: each panel can have 1-3 modules but up to only three modules;

7: All module combinations can be configured according to customer's choice;

8: All modules are solderless mode;

According to the category, it is divided into 86 * 86, 86 * 120 and so on.
According to the specification, it is divided into single-mouth and multi-mouth.
* According to model, it is divided into RJ45, RJ11 and so on.
Metal material: spring, wire, black processing.
Non-metallic materials: ABS plastic.
All materials meet ROHS standards.

* Interworking requirements: Use with the same standard series of interoperability of the connector.

Application areas
* Work area for LAN, suitable for all kinds of module installation.
Standard and storage environment
· YD / T 926.1 - Specification.
Temperature: -40 ~ +70 ℃;
Humidity: ≤85% (temperature 85 ℃ ± 3 ℃).

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