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Vertical-type Fiber Optic Cable Splice Closure Features

- Mar 27, 2018 -

   Vertical type optical fiber cable splice closure is more common in the optical communication industry. It is a type of equipment in the optical cable splice closure. Its role is to provide continuity protection for optical, sealing and mechanical strength continuity between adjacent optical cables. In the optical communication network, the optical fiber cable connector occurs because the length of the optical cable is limited and the optical cable needs to be branched on the transmission line. The optical cable splice closure provides optical cable connection, branch supply conditions, and connector protection. Let's take a look at the functional features of the vertical-type fiber optic splice closure today!
   1. The optical fiber cable splice closure can be used for welding of some backbone optical cables and non-fibre cables, and some of the backbone optical cables are fused with pigtails or pigtails, which is connected to the optical switching equipment through the fiber jumper. It can eliminate the welding unit, the wiring unit, the part of the network box housing, the optical cable from the splice box to the network box, and the whole operation process in the network box.
   2. Fiber fusion splicing unit, optical fiber storage disk increased or reduced can be rapid and time-saving, and optical fiber collection disk flip angle of 90 °C or more can facilitate the future expansion and protection.
   3, Patented products - elastomer sealing components can reach repeated opening, repeated use, which adheres to the outstanding sealing function.
   4. Innovative structure design, convenient and reliable device, high-strength PC engineering plastics with scientific formula used in the whole set of plastic parts, injection molding can be used under long-term conditions of -40°C~+65°C.
   5, Fiber optic wiring unit can be installed FC, SC, ST, LC adapter fixed module, and the device is very convenient, and can be equipped according to user needs, the same size and device module hole.
   6, Multi-purpose joint box, can be wall mounting or pole mounting. The completion of FTTH access for fiber optic networks reduces costs and improves communication quality.

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