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Requirements for Cable Terminal Box

- Mar 25, 2018 -

   The optical cable terminal box is mainly used for the fixing of the optical cable terminal, the fusing of the optical cable and the pigtail, and the accommodation and maintenance of the residual fiber. So what are the requirements for the terminal box? Let's find them out together!
   Terminal box enclosuresis generally made of sheet metal. Using cold-rolled steel plates, the box structure should be tight and solid. After the cabinet and internal parts are installed, the structure can not be distorted. The installation should be consistent and interchangeable. The radius R of the fillet on the exposed and operating parts of the cabinet shall not be less than 2mm. Fasteners should be strong, secure and free from loosening.
   Terminal box door shoud be a single door, which should be smooth and solid, the door opening view is not less than 120°. The box body is an anti-theft structure, and the opening and closing is sensitive and reliable, with outstanding anti-damage function. All fasteners are solid and securely fastened. The fastening appearance should be met with the requirements of Level 2 of the 4.2 rules of the GB/T5267-2002 standard.
   The optical cable terminal box body and the optical cable should be able to accept a straight static pressure of not less than 200N. After the experiment, the terminal box should not have permanent deformation and abnormal phenomena. The fiber optic cable fixing station should be able to accept an axial tension of 500N and be able to accept a change of ±90° of change in viewing angle for a total of 3 cycles. The box is locked and its protection performance should be met  with the IP5X level requirements in the GB4208-2008 standard.
   The terminal box should use fiber optic cable that is conformed to the GB/T7422 and GB/T11819 standard rules. The nominal operating wavelength is 1310mm and 1550mm.

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