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Optical fiber connector box how to use?

- Jan 18, 2018 -

1. Stripping cable, remove the outer sheath, the inner sheath, loose tube, clean, clear the cable filled with oil, leaving 1.1--1.6m fiber length and 30--50mm reinforced core.

2. Fix the pressure line card, fix the microtubes or the universal cable, and press the thermocouple on the microtubule for 5-10 mm. At the same time, fix the optical fiber to reinforce the core. If it is a center tube type optical fiber cable, fix the reinforcing yarn.

3. The optical fiber into the fusion plate, the heat shrinkable tube and hot melt tube in a pair of optical fibers to be on any one of the following, after welding the optical fiber, heat shrinkable and hot melt tube, put stainless steel (or quartz) to strengthen the mandrel , So that the optical fiber fusion splice point in the center of the optical fiber protection tube, the protection of the appropriate heating tube, the optical fiber and the protection of the fuse into one, the protection of the optical fiber connector card slot into the fiber cloth core).

4. The remaining fiber evenly in the optical fiber welding cloth cloth good, and the optical fiber coiled nylon alignment with the alignment. The use of welding plate generally from bottom to top, until all the optical fiber connection, the top plate in the welding plate cover, and fixed. Use your own grounding cable as required.

5. Select the appropriate diameter with microtubes or universal cable ring (O-ring) into the fiber optic cable, and adjust the housing into the mouth of the connector into the mouth of the corresponding cable pressure in the middle of the two cable loop or the universal cable part of the universal cable Sealing tape, at the same time the unused connector box into the cable port closed with plug (the outer part of the plug is sealed with sealing tape), and then in the sealing groove on both sides of the edge of the connector housing gasket seal strip, while in the two Flap connector housing into the cable into the concave part of the sealant, the two pieces of the left and right connector box hanging screw aligned, the shell closed, tighten the stainless steel bolts. Requires bolt stress should be symmetrical, even until all tighten up.

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