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Optical Cable Terminal Box Provides Protective Connection between Fiber Cable and Wiring Pigtail

- Apr 04, 2018 -

   In the communication wiring, the optical cable terminal box belongs to the connection equipment of the small number of optical cables and the terminal. Optical fiber terminal box is divided by structure and it can be divided into wall-mounting type and rack-mounting type.
   Optical cable terminal box has a certain period of service life. In order to ensure its effectiveness, maintaining the working environment of the terminal box has certain requirements in terms of temperature, humidity, and air pressure. The optical cable terminal box has a high environmental requirement. If it is used outdoors, some protective measures should be taken to prevent of the terminal box from shortening the service life because of the weather and sun exposure  . The cable terminal box is suitable for working under a certain range of temperatures. If it exceeds this range, the working status may be affected.
   The advantage of using the cable splice box is to provide a protective connection between the optical cable and the wiring pigtail, which is the insulation of the optical cable metal component and the cable end housing, and it can be easily led out of the ground. In order to provide the placement of the optical cable terminal and the rest of the optical fiber storage space , this equipment installation operation has enough impact strength, and can be placed in different places of use.

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