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Optical Cable Protection Box

- Mar 18, 2018 -

Optical Cable Protection Box Features

  1. Small size, beautiful appearance, easy installation.

  2. Automotive plastics with V0 flame retardant rating

  3. Satisfy the cable fixing port to meet the skin line and the ordinary pigtail fixation.

  4. The welding point protection is stable and reliable, and is not easily damaged by external forces.


Optical Cable Protection Box Technical Parameters


Pivot cable protection box function use environment

Adapt ambient temperature: -25 °C ~ +65 °C.

Atmospheric pressure: 70Kpa~106Kpa.


There are no defects that may affect the performance of the product, and the plastic housing is full, smooth, and free of sharp corners.


Vibration: 10Hz, sine curve;

Amplitude: 3 mm (6 mm, crest to trough);

Clamping distance: 10 times the diameter (250 mm less); time: 2 hours

The residual additional attenuation of the fiber should not exceed 0.03dB at 1550nm;


Torque: Large 25 Nm or large reverse 90 degree angle;

Applied torque position: 100 mm from the end of the cable;

Cycle times: 5 cycles per protection box.

The residual additional attenuation of the fiber should not exceed 0.03 dB at 1550 nm.

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