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Optical cable connection box internal structure

- Jan 22, 2019 -

1, the support frame: is the main body of the internal components.

2, optical cable fixing device: used for fixing the optical cable and the base and fixing the optical cable reinforcing component. The first is the fixing of the optical cable reinforcing core; the second is the fixing of the optical cable and the support frame; the third is the thermal shrinkage of the optical cable and the connector box. The sleeve is fixed.

3, optical fiber placement device: can store the fiber connector and the remaining fiber in sequence, the length of the remaining fiber should be no less than 1 meter, the remaining fiber diameter of the fiber disk is not less than 35 mm, and the storage tray can be four layers, the capacity Larger, and can adjust the storage tray according to the number of cores connected by the cable.

4, fiber optic connector protection: the heat-shrinkable protective sleeve placed on the core holder in the tray can also be fixed by silica gel.

5. Sealing the optical cable and the joint box: sand the junction of the joint box and the optical cable with the abrasive cloth on the cable and the base cable, wipe the sanding place with the cleaning agent, attach the aluminum foil, and place the heat shrinkable tube in the joint box. At the entrance of the cable, the burner is slowly heated according to the middle and rear ends, so that the entire heat-shrinkable tube can be completely shrunk.

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