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Instructions of Optical Cable Connector Box

- Mar 29, 2018 -

   In the communication profession, we sometimes need to use optical fiber cable splice cases. It is very important for construction person to understand how to use optical cable splice closures. The following is the instructions for use.
   1. If it is an ordinary cable, enter the connector box directly through the inlet hole. If it is a microcable, it is that the microtube enters the connector box and then fixed. The microcable enters the connector box from the microtube and fixes the reinforcement core. If it is a based-pipe fiber optic cable, fixed reinforcement yarn.
   2. Strip the optical cable, and then remove the outer jacket, inner jacket, loose tube, clean and eradicate the oil filling paste in the cable, and leave the fiber length of 1.1--1.6m and the reinforced core of 30--50mm.
   3, Fix pressure cable card and the micro-pipe or general cable,with  micro-pipe pressure 5-10mm cable,and then  fix fiber optic cable together to strengthen the core; if it is a base tube cable, fix reinforcement yarn.
   4. The optical fiber is introduced into the welding disk. The heat shrinkable tube and the hot melt tube are sheathed on any one of the treated optical fibers. After the optical fiber is fused, the heat shrinkable and hot melt tube is moved, and the stainless steel (or quartz) reinforcing mandrel is put on. The optical fiber fusion point is located at the center of the fiber maintenance tube, and the maintenance tube is properly heated so that the optical fiber and the maintenance tube are fused together, and the maintained optical fiber connector is inserted into the fabric fiber groove (the optical fiber can be used for each plate 12 core).
   5. Place the remaining fiber evenly in the fiber splice tray, and position the encircled fiber with a nylon tie. The use of the splice tray is usually from bottom to top. After all the optical fibers are connected, the top cover of the splice tray is covered and fixed. Use the grounding wire as required to position it.
   6. Select the cable ring (O-ring) suitable for the outer diameter of the microtube or general cable to penetrate the optical cable and adjust it to the corresponding crimped cable at the inlet of the joint box shell. Sealing tape together with the closure of the unused adapter box inlet plug (with the sealing tape outside the concave part of the plug), and then seal the sealing tape in the seal groove at the two edges of the joint box shell together, and the left and right screw holes of the joint box are aligned, and the stainless steel bolt is tightened by closing the shell. The request bolt should be symmetrical and uniform until it is fully tightened.
   7. Add a water blocking joint at the outer 3-5cm of the joint box, and keep the knob of the water blocking joint away from the joint box.
   8, According to the laying request, self-position and fix the hanger for laying.

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