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How to Connect a Fast Connector

- May 04, 2018 -

  1. The fiber optic quick connector is an innovative field termination connector that contains factory-installed optical fiber, pre-polished ceramic ferrules, and a mechanical connection mechanism.

  2. When terminating, people only need to insert fiber or indoor fiber into the mechanical connection mechanism without using other tools, and the termination process takes only about 2 minutes, which greatly saves the installation time.

  3. The ferrules and end faces inside the fiber optic quick connector are pre-polished at the factory, and the mechanical splice mechanism is located at the end of the ferrule to hold the inserted fiber.

  4. The mechanical connection mechanism is mainly composed of a V-shaped groove and a clamping element; when an optical fiber needs to be inserted, the V-shaped groove is opened with a wedge clamp to facilitate smooth insertion of the optical fiber.

  5. When the optical fiber is inserted into the V-shaped groove and is fixed, the wedge clip can be pulled out from the V-shaped groove.

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