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Fiber Optical Splice Closure Technical Parameters

- Feb 02, 2018 -

1. Aging resistance: Have good stability like heat, heat radiation, air, ozone and ect.

2.  Corrosion resistance: Have strong resistance about dilute acid, salt water, oxidants, and aliphatic hydrocarbons.

3. Sealing technology: Use repeatable open seal components to ensure good airtight waterproof performance.

4. Mechanical properties: To withstand harsh conditions such as vibration, impact, cable distortion and strong tensile changes such as temperature.

5. Locking device: Do not require special tools and easy to install and open repeatedly.

6. Disagreements: 2 into 2 out, 3 into 3 out, 4 into 4 out and other designs.

7. Continued functions: Use laminated clamshell structure,and do not need to disassemble the other connecting plate when operating.


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