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Cable connection box function

- Jan 22, 2019 -

The fiber optic cable connection box, also called the fiber optic cable connector box and the barrel, is the place where the end of the optical cable is connected, and then accesses the optical switch through the optical fiber jumper to prevent the aging of materials caused by heat, cold, light, oxygen and microorganisms in nature. With excellent mechanical strength, the sturdy cable connector housing and main structural components can withstand the harshest environmental changes, while at the same time providing flame retardant, waterproof, shock, impact, cable tension, distortion and other protection.

The optical cable connection box is suitable for the straight-through and branch connection of the overhead, pipeline, direct burial and other laying methods of various structural optical cables. The cable connection box is also suitable for connection in the terminal room of the structural cable. Cable splice boxes are generally suitable for indoor or non-open spaces. For outdoor use, it is not suitable for outdoor use. If it is used, it should be protected. Working temperature: indoor type: -5 °C ~ + 40 °C; outdoor type: -20 °C - + 60 °C cable connection box can protect and The function of the connection is that the box body is made of reinforced plastic, high strength, corrosion resistance, mature structure, reliable sealing and convenient construction.

According to the fiber optic cable connection, it can be divided into straight-through type and divergent type. According to whether the adapter classification can be assembled, it can be divided into an adaptable adapter type and a non-assemblable adapter type. Classified by shell material, it can be divided into plastic shell and metal shell.

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