DSB Series Drop Cable Splice Box

Specification Application 3.0x2.0mm Drop Cable or Indoor Cable Fiber Cladding Diameter 125um (G652D & G657A) Fiber Diameter 250um & 900um Fiber Type Single Mode (SM) & Multi Mode (MM) Tensile Strength >50N Repeat Uses Circles 5 times Insertion Loss 15 Operation Temperature...

Product Details


Application       3.0x2.0mm Drop Cable or Indoor Cable

Fiber Cladding Diameter     125um (G652D & G657A)

Fiber Diameter         250um & 900um

Fiber Type         Single Mode (SM) & Multi Mode (MM)

Tensile Strength       >50N

Repeat Uses Circles         5 times

Insertion Loss  15

Operation Temperature  -40~60(°C)

Storage Temperature      -40~85(°C)

DSB Series Drop Cable Splice Box is a new material processing circular optical fiber protection box, is FTTH fiber to the home and other fiber optic line welding special protection tube for 6CM length of the following line of heat pipe fuse protection, for the fuselage welding machine dedicated, Leather wire, leather wire on the fiber pigtail welding heat shrinkable tube parts protection. The protection of the welding parts of the fiber is tight and strong, suitable for all kinds of leather wire and fiber pigtail welding, welding of the heat shrink tube and pigtail after the protection.

Drop Cable Splice Box

Product Introduction:

The Splice Protective Box, is to protect single core drop cable when it needs fusion splice, connection, plug in, or human causes of damage or fracture. On both sides of the box body, which designed with drop cable holder slot structure, can provide a good linear tensile resistance.




Scope of application

3.Ox2.0mm drop cable or 3.0mm cable

Fiber cladding diameter

125umi G652 & G657

Fiber diameter

250um & 900um

Fiber type


Tensile strength


operating temperature


Repeat uses circles

5 times

Insertion loss


operating time

<20 seconds

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